Friday, May 10, 2013

Finally spring...

Had a great evening tonight enjoying the nice weather.  This afternoon I finally went and bought some flowers to plant and spruce things up around here.  We needed some extra color to brighten things up.

Maybe I will get some pictures of them tomorrow once I finish things up.

Hope and I also replanted some plants within our fairy garden containers.  They look much better without the snow.

Joe and I have been cleaning out the house.  I think we officially decided to sell our current two story house and move to a ranch property.  We found a place we liked and decided to make an offer on.  Unfortunately, we couldn't come to an agreement on price, so we decided to pass since we  haven't even listed ours for sale yet.  So once we finish up some projects around here, we will put a sign up and get things rolling.  We are going to try and sell it on our own since our local market is pretty active right now.  And if it doesn't sell in a month or two then we will just decide if we are staying or list it with an agent.  Time will tell.  At any rate, we cleaned out EVERYTHING and got rid of a LOT of stuff we have had in storage and NEVER used.  That feels great!!!

We did have someone come look at the house already this week, but they ended up making an offer on a different house they had looked at the same day.  That is ok, because I know the right family will come along and fall in love with it like we did when we decided to buy it.  In some ways it makes me sad to sell it, but on the other hand, I would really love to move into a ranch style home.

We are focusing on a few specific areas, so saying prayers the right house comes available at just the right time.

On the opposite side of things, my favorite neighbor was moving out today.  It makes me a little sad to see them go.  Luckily they are not going far and actually live close the one of the neighborhoods we are looking in.  So the kids would go to the same school IF we are lucky enough to get a house in those areas.  Again...praying.

Tomorrow, I finally get to take a little rest.  Joe and Hope are going to visit his mom and I am going to stay home and do a little scrapbooking to celebrate a quiet pre-Mother's Day.  :)

So in honor of Mother's Day coming up on Sunday...

This is the card I made for my mom.  She has always sewn and this card just reminded me of her.

The rest of the cards will be received by many moms across the country, as several of my friends requested hand made cards to send to their mom's and sister's, etc that were moms.  I hope they enjoy them.  I know I certainly enjoy making them.

I might even make cards all day tomorrow instead of layouts.  They just have that instant gratification unlike some of my layouts that take me a while to create.

Well, I am off to go peak out the window.  I hear LOTS of rumbling going up and down the streets of my neighborhood.  It is junk weekend where you can set stuff out and the city will take it to the dump, but most of it gets picked up by scavengers before then.  They have been circling the neighborhood for hours now and it is always funny to see what they will pick up.  The neighbor's lawn mower went pretty quick.  I don't think they have taken anything of ours.  How embarrassing, nobody wants our junk.  LOL!

Good night!


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