Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Morals or Morels

Um yeah, this has been an on going question in my life.  I will by-pass talking about the Morals and go right to the Morels, as in mushrooms.

Ok, growing up on a farm you would think that I would have had plenty of chances to go mushroom hunting.  Well, I probably did, but I was either too busy sleeping or just didn't like mushrooms back then.  I really wish I would have had the opportunity to go mushroom hunting with my grandpa Palmer.  He had all kinds of secret spots, so secret, he didn't even share them with his family.  LOL!

Well, he must have been with me in spirit tonight...because look at what I found!

Last year I looked in the same spots and found nothing, but conditions were not great for mushrooms last year.  Well, fast forward to tonight and my lucky charm...Taylor...and we found us some morels.

On a side note...this is the first picture I have of Taylor "smiling".  LOL!  I love it! and I love her!  She is a great dog!

She was sniffing around along the edge of the walking path, so I decided to take a peak to see if I could see anything...and there they were...just peeking up at me.  It is true what they say...once you see one, you can't stop seeing them.  I didn't even have a bag with me and had to roll up my jacket to hold my mess.

It was hilarious, because I kept dragging Taylor into the brush and tall grasses further and further as I kept seeing them EVERYWHERE!!!  I finally let go of the leash and just let her hang out in a clear area where I knew she wouldn't go anywhere.  LOL!

I was so excited, I could hardly wait to get back to the house to leave Taylor and go back and find some more.   I took a picture and sent it to Joe and told him he was in charge of cooking them up for supper.

You guessed it, we had mushrooms for supper.  That was it!  I so wish I could tell Grandpa Palmer all about my adventure, but maybe, just maybe he was there with me pointing me in the right direction.  :)

I am so glad that I had something fun to post to (hopefully) get me back into posting on a regular basis.  I have a LOT of projects to share, cards, layouts, etc.  Summer is coming, so maybe, I will get into blogging again.  It also doesn't help that our computer is running out of memory/space for photos, and causes me more grief than not and no $$$ in budget for a new one, so we will make do.

Well, let's see, here a a few layouts I have completed in the past couple months to share...keeping in mind of spring time activities.

We have a few dance recital layouts from years gone by...

A few vacation layouts...this is one activity I hope to get to do again someday!

This was before we took our Disney cruise, which I am working on layouts of now.  As you can tell, I just work on whatever inspires me at the time.  Sometimes I just haven't found the right product line to highlight my specific memory, so when I find what works, I create a layout.

Favorite photo layouts...

Easter layouts...oh had I only known that this would be the last year we colored eggs (well, maybe).  Even if we didn't this year, maybe she will want to invite some younger neighborhood kids to do it next year.  We will just have to wait and see.

And that wraps things up for tonight.  If the weather holds out, I might just go hunting again tomorrow afternoon (it is an early out for school, so I will have a LOT of time to look tomorrow)!  Wish me luck and may the luck of Grandpa Palmer be with me!


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