Friday, June 5, 2015

Oh, the truth is upon us...

...whether we want it to be or not.

This image was in my FB feed tonight and inspired this post...

Oh, I know the truth is upon me, but sometime I want it to just come out and other times I am so NOT ready for it all to come crashing down.  

I bought bras for Hope today at Kohls.  We had a conversation yesterday about puberty (or at least I tried). So far, she still believes in all of the above, but I know it is coming in the next year (likely).  Oh, I won't deny that I have said I am ready for it, but now...maybe not so much.

Oh my...parenting a pre-teen (I guess that is what they call them now), there are now good words to describe it.  She is definitely hormonal and SASSY!  Oh my!  Good thing I get nights out with my sister(s) and friends to help offset the stress of being a mom!

So I mentioned the conversation above...I wanted Hope to know that she can talk to me or ask me questions about anything.  All I got from her was..."mom this is SO EMBARRASSING" and " I don't want to talk about this" from her.  I am fine with that as long as she remembers if she REALLY needs to talk to me or has questions I want her to come to me.  Now I just have to pray that the appropriate answers come to me if she ever does have any questions or something she wants to talk about.  OY!

For now, I will still appreciate the "Santa, tooth fairy and Easter bunny" moments while I can.  

Speaking of Santa, here are a few (or 15) Christmas cards to share with you...

Well, have a great weekend!  Until next time...


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