Sunday, May 17, 2015

Recital and more...

It was recital week and I survived, what I expect to be, my last recital.  Hope decided she doesn't want to do dance anymore.  I am ok with it because that will be one less battle each week getting her to dance, etc.  We will see if she changes her mind though when fall comes around.  I am trying to convince her that we can put the money into savings for a trip each year instead of spending it on dance.  LOL!  I hope it works because a trip sounds way more fun than the stress of dance and the recital.  :)

Anyway, Hope did a fantastic job at recital.  So did my sister's twins, Annie and Ally.

Hope had a lot of special family members make the trip to see her dance.  Of course, Joe and I were there, but Aunt Dee (see photo bomb below-LOL)...

...her birth mom Jessica came too.  And of course Aunt Debbie, cousin Kendal, Aunt Dawn and both grandmas (Karen and Deloris) were there too.

I got a few pictures of Hope at rehearsal the other night.  She is the one in the center posing with arms up.

This was her ballet routine to Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas.

This was from her jazz routine...It's a Girl Party.

She wore this same costume for tap also...Walking on Sunshine!

I was such a proud mom.  She did such a great job and had some really groovy moves up there.

After the recital we ate at Hickory Park.  Oh yum!

For several weeks, she has been talking about getting her hair cut short, but I told her she had to wait until after recital since she had to wear it up in a bun.  She couldn't wait until after church to get her haircut, so we stopped on our way and got it cut while Joe and grandma Karen went ahead and saved us seats.

Here is the before...

and here she is after (when we got to church).

Oh it is so cute and will be so much easier to take care of.  :)

And it kind of makes her look even more ornery.  LOL!  If that is even possible.  She is going to donate her hair to a charity that offers wigs to kids at no charge.  She didn't want to get her picture taken with her hair she got cut off, so I held it up for her.

She is very excited to go to school tomorrow to show everyone her new look during the last week of school.  Can you believe that...the last week of school!  I almost have a 5th grader.  Where oh where does the time go.

Before we know it, it will be Christmas again.  Since I brought it up I will just share a few Christmas cards.  LOL!

Have a great day, until next time...


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