Monday, May 11, 2015

Congrats to the Mr. and Mrs.

I had a great weekend!

Saturday I worked hard out in the beautiful weather planting flowers and a container garden.

Here are a few close ups of the fairy gardens too.

While I was out buying a few more plants I found this fairy garden lemonade stand.  I thought it was cute since Hope has had a stand too.  

And this year I added my own private beach between our new chairs on the front porch.  Kristi and Evon, I REALLY wish I would have gone back and bought that mermaid at the Junk Jubilee.  I guess I will have to look for one on line.  :)  Or maybe I can go digging in Hope's toy room for Ariel.  LOL!

Flowers I usually have pretty good luck with (outside anyway).  I haven't had good luck with container gardens for veggies, but we will see what happens.  I planted 4 cherry tomatoes, 1 large tomato plant, 1 pepper plant, 4 jalapeƱo plants and cucumbers.  

Taylor has been enjoying some time outside with us too, but she still has to be chained up.  She got out the other night and ended up down at the neighbor's house where her doggy boyfriend lives.  

Of course she is really cute in the picture above, but when she sees a pair of socks on feet, she turns CRAZY!  Here she was attacking my feet as I tried to walk around until she was able to get the socks off.  Good grief!

So to the point of my title of my post...Saturday night a few ladies gathered together to celebrate the recent marriage of our friend Evon to her husband Bill.  It only took them 22 years to get to the alter.  :)  Congrats you two.  She didn't want anything traditional, so we all met at Social Canvas and painted a pictures.  Here is our masterpieces!  It was a lot of fun!

So in honor of the are a few cards to share.

Well, this is recital week, so next update will likely be after the marathon day of dancing this weekend!  Have a great week!


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