Friday, December 26, 2014

More Christmas

Here is more Christmas updates...

The firetruck Santa came through the neighborhood again this year, but Hope didn't want to go down and see him.  I had already signaled that we were coming down, so Taylor and I walked down to meet him.

Last Sunday we hosted my family Christmas.  Just before everyone arrived, I walked in our bedroom to find that Taylor had dug out one of our house plants.  Naughty Dog!  I got it cleaned up and ironically enough, she followed Joe into the bedroom again later that night and got shut in there AND she dug out the plant a second time that day.  VERY Naughty Dog!  LOL!

Speaking of dogs...grandma Deloris made dog floor mats for all of the family dogs!  They all had dog themed fabric and were shaped like bones.  

After dinner, the adults were hanging out chatting and the kids were getting anxious to unwrap presents.  So Hope brought out a demand letter saying "We are ready to unwrap presents" and walked back into her room.  So we cleared the dinner table and were waiting for them to come out, so I slipped a note under the door telling them we were ready.  LOL!

Here are the girls playing with that "no mess" sand.  

Christmas Eve we let Hope unwrap a gift and Taylor got to unwrap one too.

And we made it to Christmas morning!  Hope had asked Santa for a stuffed Olaf (this was her second choice since Santa said she wasn't old enough for a phone).  She has been hanging out with Olaf all day yesterday and still today.

Santa also brought her the game TROUBLE.  Do you think he was trying to tell her something?

Taylor gave Hope the new Taylor Swift CD.

More Lego sets, which I think she was pretty excited about.

And a crystal growing kit.

Taylor playing with her new toy.  I am just glad it is big enough it can't roll under the couch.

Aren't these too cute?

Hope got me a UNI blanket and Joe got me a new i-phone 6, but I don't have it yet since he wanted to let me pick out the color, etc.  

Here are a several layouts of Christmas memories from the past...

This is the layout I created with all of Chippy's adventures from last Christmas.

Here is the journaling...

Last year Joe wrapped up several gag gifts for Hope to unwrap on Christmas Eve.  Since she was into Duck Dynasty, he made all the "from" tags from the stars of the show.

I was several years behind on Christmas layouts, so I finally pulled out all my Christmas papers and used up a lot of different lines I have had for YEARS on these next layouts (and the one above). 

This layout was a quick re-cap of events leading up to Christmas.  I didn't do a separate layout for all the elf pictures this year.

Christmas morning 2012.

This is a winter layout.

I had to document the Christmas Disaster, when our tree fell over.  Luckily it was the day after Christmas.

Here is the journaling.

We had some funny outtake photos while trying to get our family picture last year for our Christmas cards.  

As I mentioned in my last post, Christmas Eve servicing at our church is just amazing.  This is when all the candles are lit and we sing Silent Night.

Here was our fun leading up to Christmas last year.

Christmas morning last year.  Oh what fun!

Alright...that is enough for today.  Until next time!


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