Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December daily

Hey, I am back!  The computer is working a little better, but still not 100% yet.  Joe is working on it as he has time.  YEAH!

So I have a LOT of catching up to do.  So here is how our December has gone...

Chippy (our elf on the shelf) made his appearance on December 1st!

He found a few new places to hang out each night.  

Hope asked why our elf wasn't naughty like some of the other elves.  My answer, because you are naughty enough for the both of them.  LOL!  She didn't like that answer very much.

He tried to get sneaky this time and hide in her box of legos, kind of like Where's Waldo.

Hope sent Stichard to Mrs. Claus to be fixed.  It took several nights, but she finally sent him back with Chippy.

Welcome to the jungle....we got fun and games!

Conversations with an elf...Hope carried him around in her boot all day long and had a lot of chats with him.

This one has a funny story.  This is how chippy originally landed, but later in the day he was holding on by the snowman nose.  So the next morning as Hope and I were waking up (yep, she ended up in bed with us that night) she says "Mom, now that it is morning and I know Chippy came back I can tell you what happened yesterday"  She had pushed the button to make the snowman sing and Chippy had slipped off the back.  So her and grandma Deloris used a towel (careful not to touch him so he wouldn't lose any of his flying powers) and put him back on the snowman.  :)  I t hunk she was pretty worried he wouldn't make it back.

We hosted my family Christmas, so Chippy watched over the dessert table.

Of course he had to visit baby Jesus too.

And had a date with the Christmas Fairy.

And his finally spot, on the Christmas tree, so he his ready to head back to the North Pole with Santa tonight on his sleigh.

Hope had her first Social Studies project due in early December.  It was an immigration project.  There were multiple options given for the project, but she wanted to create a monument (other than the Statue of Liberty) to welcome immigrants to America.  She chose to make a rainbow so they would know the America was a happy place.

She made a lot of tents.

Sometimes Taylor was allowed to come in too.

She had a LOT of fun building with Legos.  Check out this triple decker train car.

We visited Santa.  She asked for a new phone.

So Santa called me over and told Hope that Mrs. Claus had reminded him of the meeting the other day about kids asking for phones.  The new rule was that they had to be 16 unless their parents said they could get one sooner.  Thanks Santa for getting me out of that one!  :)  I felt like I needed to tip him.  LOL!

Hope and Taylor love to play together and I found her in a storage bin on one such occasion.

Hope and I made cookies and other goodies for friends and neighbors...

Today we finished the Santa workshop Lego set she got from Grandma Deloris this past weekend.

And I cleaned up the "NO MESS" sand.  If you believe the statement on this can of sand...DON'T!  They LIED!  :)  Ok, maybe with 1% of kids they may play with it and not make a mess, but with hurricane Hope there was never any chance she wouldn't find a way to make it messy.

Tonight, we will be attending the candlelight service.  It is always one of my favorite services when all the candles are lit and we sing Silent Night.  

So, in honor of Christmas Eve, here are a few of my favorite cards I created this year.  

This one I had to "fix".  I was using a part of the packaging and it was a glossy finish.  I tried to stamp on it and them heat emboss the sentiment, but it didn't dry enough and still smudged.  So I ended up stamping on the same kind of paper and put it over the smudged stamped sentiment.

I LOVED this elf paper line Bo Bunny had last year, so I knew it would make some great cards after I used it for a layout.  I will share some of the recent Christmas layouts I have finished (from last year and other years too).

And with that, have yourself a Merry little Christmas.


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