Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy, Happy Happy!

I know that doesn't read like redneck talk, but if you watch Duck Dynasty then say it just like Phil!  This is one of Hope's new catch phrases.  She is so addicted to this show it cracks me up.  I guess there are worse shows she could be watching.

Well, this post will make my sister Debbie...Happy, Happy Happy!  She sent me a text the other day asking me to email her all layouts I have done lately since I haven't been very good at posting on the blog lately.  Well, at that point there was really only 1 layout I hadn't shared yet and the rest were cards.  After last weekend, I did complete several other layouts, so I will share there tonight.

These are especially for you Debbie...

This first layout is of my great niece, which is Debbie's first grandchild.  Kendal is 4 now (almost 5) and I found these pictures when we moved and knew I had the perfect papers to scrapbook them.

I think this is my favorite layout I created last weekend.  The dress Hope has on in this picture is the flower girl dress I wore in Debbie's wedding.  

The next layout is finally done!  I went to this concert in 2010 and knew I wanted to scrapbook it because it was quite frankly the best seat EVER!  We bought our tickets the morning of the concert and ended up in then second row.  At the end of the show he autographed my ticket.  AWESOME!!!  

I just had to use feathers on my layout because my earliest memories of Elton John were of him on Sesame Street and the Muppet Show in his big feathered hats and bright neon outfits and large sunglasses!  I bought an entire bag of feathers at Micheals just to get the perfect color for my layout.  The rest will go to Hope for craft projects.  :)

I also completed this Christmas layout using My Minds Eye papers from a season or two ago.  After looking at it, I need to add some journaling.  I will probably just create a pocket and add a pull out tag with some small details I want to remember from these photos.  Like the one of Hope showing off the  lower section of the tree...She called that the candy section since she hung all the candy related ornaments there.  She drew a self portrait to put in our frame since we didn't get around to printing a picture from Santa that year.  I also think this was the first year she put the Christmas tree together all by herself.

Well, since we are in the Christmas spirit, here are a few more Christmas cards to share with you too.

Have a good night!


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