Wednesday, August 14, 2013

She had a great day!

Hope had a great first day and I even made it through the day without getting a call from the teacher.  :) You know, for cutting a large hole in her new "first day of school" pants, etc.  Ok, that was only in first grade, but I have received phone calls from her other teachers early in the school year for various reasons.  So I was very proud and happy to hear that she did great today.

So, I will share what has been going on around "The Weber Resort" as Joe keeps calling our new home.  LOL!

Hope and I have been enjoying smoothies, and she even drinks them with the secret ingredient...spinach!  You can't even taste it.  I got the recipe here, from Iowa Girl Eats.  She has lots of great recipes.  We have tried different variations of fruits to give us some variety.  Between the two of us, we each have a glass of smoothie.

One day we made too much, so we decided to make popsicles with the left over smoothie.  They were pretty good.

Hope wanted to have a spa day at home, so I got a container out so she could soak her feet and I painted her finger and toe nails too.  :)

We had a visit from Hope's birth family.  :)  This is Ethan, Hope and Luke and... baby Hannah.  Hope was so excited to get to meet Hannah.  She is such a doll.

And of course, one of the reasons Joe has been calling our new home a resort.  We decided to buy a hot tub.  We have been in it each night this week since it was delivered on Monday.  :)

Hope had a lot of fun with the box the platform came in...we called it summer red neck sledding!
She would crawl in the box and I would push it down the slope of our back yard.  That box brought us many hours of entertainment!

And on to other news...before the start of the state fair, my work had a butter sculpting contest.  Of course, this is because the fair is famous for it's butter cow sculpture. Here is what we came up with...

A Minion (from Dispicable Me)

A first place ribbon (this was my creation, along with Amy D.)



A butter "finger"

And the price went to the bird's nest.

There were a few others too, but my pictures didn't turn out.

So speaking of the fair, we decided to go on Sunday and we had a great time as usual, but very tired by the end of the day.  At least it wasn't a million degrees out.  :)

We started at the petting zoo...

Dawn and I by the Floppy display.  This was the kids show on right after the noon time news.  You could get up and tell jokes, beep his nose and then they showed a cartoon.  I was on the show once for my friend Dana's birthday party.  I remember being too scared to beep Floppy's nose, so he beeped it on my arm.  LOL!

Of course, the girls had to get lots of tattoos.

While walking through the horse barn, Joe found a PINK horse.  The girls loved it and the owner let them get close for a picture.

Hope got to milk a REAL cow!

Hope's favorite part of the day was when she discovered she was FINALLY tall enough to ride Crazy Mouse!  For the past four years she has wanted to ride it and this year she finally could.  Joe went with her and she loved it!

We also did "Little Hands on the Farm" too.

And we also ate our typical food on a stick (at least the corn dog was), mini donuts and a lemonade.  YUM!

Well, if you made it through all that, then you are pretty much up to date on all of us!

So, in honor of the fair, I have a layout using pictures from 2 years ago.  I actually just scrapbooked last years pictures this week, but haven't gotten a picture yet.  To follow soon...

Alright...have a great night and I will be back soon (don't expect a third post today though). 


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