Monday, June 4, 2012

Spooky June???

Ok, I know it is June, but I have a spooky halloween layout to share with you.  This is a layout kit I created for The Scrappy Gourmet.  You can get yours here.  I loved this Halloween line by My Minds Eye because it wasn't your traditional halloween paper line.  I loved the touch of blue.

Ok, now back to June...

The other night Hope and I took Reilly for a walk around the neighborhood.  She took her camera, which she just found the other day (it had been missing for several months).  She had put it in a camera case, but it was for her kid camera and not this "real" camera.  Anyway, she REALLY wanted to get a close up picture of a bird, but every time she got close enough they would fly away.

So, the next night when we walked to the mailbox I noticed an almost full grown baby bird fluttering around the ground and it was letting us get close.  So she ran to get her camera to finally get a picture of a bird.  She finally got a really close up picture.

Here are a few pictures I got of her while feeding the bird a worm.

Well, she will be home soon from rehearsal #1 this week.  Dance recital is this weekend.  She is pretty excited.  Will post when I can this week!


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