Thursday, April 12, 2012

So amazing!

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a young women's conference.  I was invited by Hope's birth mom, Jessica.  She was going to be one of the guest speakers to talk about her open adoption experience.  Also on the panel of speakers was a young mother that chose to parent (at the age of 14) and an adoptive mother.  It was such an emotional moment listening to Jessica describe how she made the decision to make an adoption plan and how our open adoption experience has been a positive experience for her.  She had a great message to share and she is so amazing.  She had a picture of the three of us the day we met her for the first time.  We all looked SO young.  :)  As I sat there looking at that photo and as I drove around town to get to the college, I had all kinds of memory flashbacks.  The hospital where Hope was born, the hotel we stayed at the night we brought her home from the hospital, the flower shop we stopped at to take flowers to the many things came to mind.  I am so glad I was able to make the trip down to listen to her speak.  I thank God everyday for bringing Jessica into our lives and for her for giving us the best gift we could ever receive...Hope.

Are they not the cutest?!!!!!

Got my first massage in almost a year...and it was AWESOME!  I am going to be sore, but she really got the knots out of my back.  Ahhhhhhh!  Thanks Cindy!

Ok, here is another layout I made last weekend.

I love this simple layout about Hope and two of her "Tried & True" friends, who conveniently live just across the street.  :)  I loved when the zipper ribbon came out and I finally found the perfect place to use it for the first time.  Now hopefully I won't be so afraid to use it in some of the other colors I have collected over the past year.  

Well, I am off to see who will be sent home on American Idol tonight.


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