Monday, April 23, 2012

May the odds...

...forever be in your favor!

Yes, I have been reading the Hunger Games trilogy books.  I am about half way through the third book and am planning on making a dent in it tonight after the chickie goes to bed.

Speaking of odds...Hope came home today and started gibbering about winning a 3DS and I had no idea what she was talking about.  Apparently she won a prize during the all school assembly celebrating the spelling challenge they had last week.  "Mom!  They called my name!!! I won it"  She was pretty excited about it.

She also brought home some of her prized art pieces from school.  They are pretty cool, so now I need to get pictures of them so I can scrapbook them.  They are pretty cool looking.

I purged my scrapbooking area this past weekend.  Hope decided last week she wanted to sell some of her toys at a garage sale to earn more money to buy that American Girl doll bed, so we started cleaning out her toys and have a pretty good collection of things to sell that she has outgrown.  It is kind of sad to see her let go of some of these things, but I know they will find a good home with another little girl that will love to play with them.  So luckily in two weeks our neighborhood will have a HUGE garage sale and we hope to make some money to buy different toys.  :)  So I am also hoping to sell some scrapbooking items so I can also get different toys too.  :)  I am also purging the kitchen and other areas of the house too.

Well, I will end with another share...

This is a two page and single page layout kit now available at The Scrappy Gourmet!  You can get yours here!  The kit is only $10 for everything you need to make both of these layouts!  And they are very easy to put together.

I am off to do a little reading!  Have a great night!


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