Friday, August 12, 2016

Doin' the Gator!

It wouldn't be a "Werts" family wedding without doing the GATOR...We hear those first few beats of "Takin Care of Business" and the dance is on!

Never done the GATOR, well it is pretty easy, but be warned...can lead to bruises on knees, elbows, etc.  LOL!

Yep...that is the bride and groom rolling around on the dance floor...along with lots of family and friends!  LOL!

We had troubles getting organized and all rolling in the same direction, so at one point Dave rolled over on Lauren's dress and she was stuck!  LOL!

My sister Dee's comment on this photo...oh look, a great shot of my shoes!  LOL!

I love the look between Dave and Lauren!  So fun and sweet!

Now this picture is simply to show the homemade mints my sisters Debbie and Dee along with mom (and maybe some other helpers???) made.  It is the mint recipe we have all had at each of our weddings and they are AWESOME!  YUM!

I might have brought home a "take home" bag of mints and have a small stash in my freezer when needed.  LOL!  SHHHHH don't tell anyone!  :)

These two were funny!  The signs around their necks were carried down the aisle by Kenton and Nolan, but these two made good use of them at the reception...looking for love!

This is a picture of me and my cousin Susan.  She is the oldest of my generation (in the Werts side of the family) and I am the youngest.  She just became a grandma!  Congrats to you Susan and your daughter Meredith and her beautiful new family!

I hope to keep up the momentum.  I have been working on getting my photos updated in Shutterfly so I can order some prints.  I have also been working on making some collages (so I have smaller photos to scrapbook with) using a few different editing aps on my phone.  So as I have worked on that, I have taken the time to work on the blog as well...and watch some olympics too!

Love me some Olympics!!!  USA!!!

So in honor of babies, olympics and just the everyday are some cards to share!

And a few layouts in the spirit of gold medals and new (and old) "furry" babies, etc.

I can't believe Joe has worked for Hy-Vee for over 25 years.  The title of the layout says it ALL!  I don't know anyone who works harder and is more dedicated to his job more than Joe.  I am so proud of him and everything he has accomplished!

And our first "furry" baby Reilly's birthday would have been on August 1st.  It took me a LONG time to scrapbook this layout about losing my furry baby and friend, but it was important to me to create it.  He was there for me during some of the most difficult years of infertility.  My arms were empty except when I held my furry baby.  He was a great dog and friend!

It was a year and a few months before we had a new furry friend in our family. And I remember saying to Joe that first night home with her...Our house finally feels like a home now that we have a dog again.  I don't know what it is about dogs and puppies, but I can only guess that it is that unconditional LOVE they have for you. 

Taylor has been the perfect fit for our family!

Well that wraps up my posts on the wedding...back to our regularly scheduled programing...As soon as I get to it!  Could be tomorrow...could be a week...could be Who Knows When!


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