Sunday, April 10, 2016

First Communion...and Easter Celebration!

Hope got the opportunity to take classes at Hope Lutheran Church to learn about the Last Supper and the story that lead up to the First Communion.

I love that Hope is showing an interest in learning about her faith and how it can be such an important component of your life.  Life is difficult and I pray more now as a parent then I ever did in my life.  I hope that Joe and I are showing her the right way.

Her first communion was on Maundy Thursday, which is part of the Holy week leading up to Easter.  It was a beautiful service.
  Hope kept asking me which glass she was supposed to use (red wine or white grape juice), but I actually think she wanted to dip in the wine.   LOL!

Joe and I hosted Easter dinner too, which included about 25 family members.  I love it when my family gets together.  We are one of those RARE families that actually like to see each other.

Of course we hosted an egg hunt for all the kids...9 total!

This was the first hunt Nolan was able to participate.  He was SO CUTE!!!

Hope's birth mom (Jessica) and her kids Ethan, Luke and Hannah came up to celebrate Easter with us and had a great time hunting for eggs.  Hope loved helping Hannah!

It was such a great time of family and celebration of life!

Here is a layout I created of Hope's Dye-Namic Dunking egg coloring skills.  It was a little sad this year...since the East Bunny has been debunked, so she didn't even ask to dye eggs.  As messy as it was, it was always something that I loved doing with her.  Maybe someday she will want to do it again.

And our Easter memories...

Ok, can I admit that I LOVE this card!  

Ok, more to come...stay tuned!


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