Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day (and more)

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a nice Valentine's Day!  We didn't do much, which was good since Hope came down with the flu by late morning.  We are home today, but she is doing better today and should be back at school tomorrow.  YEAH!

Puts a damper on my deadlines at work, but for once it was nice to be needed instead of despised by Hope.  Oh how the tween years and beyond are going to test me.  It is going to be a bumpy ride!  LOL!

I can laugh about it now, but the night before my birthday we had a BIG fight about being disrespectful, which lead to me having a BIG headache all day on my birthday.  The day itself wasn't all the happy, but I am always thankful to grow another year older.  It is better than the alternative!  :) Apparently I still have more to do here on earth, so happy birthday to me!

Let's see, we have had a lot of other stuff going on before and after my birthday...

Joe and Hope attended the daddy daughter dance at Lutheran Church of Hope.  They had a lot of fun and I enjoyed some quiet time at home while they were gone.

After the BIG fight, Hope decided to rebel and cut her bangs.  Let's just say I am not sure how her hair is going to look for the next dance next weekend.  She said she likes them, so I am just going with it.  I really thought we were past this age, but I guess not.  

And I signed up to help with the Valentine's Day party at school.  It is her last elementary school party!  YEAH!  I tried to tell Joe the best present he could get me was to go in my place, but he didn't agree.  

Since all the 5th grade classes are located in a different building this year they have been doing the parties as a combined group instead of each individual classroom.  So, during the time for games and crafts it felt like you had 125 kids coming at you at once.

It was a little crazy, but I think my "Cupid's arrow" game was a hit, especially with the boys.  They kept coming back over and over again even after I ran out of prizes.  Even Hope's teacher, Mr. Spreacher (the tall guy), gave it a try.

I snuck away from my station for a second to capture this picture on the Photo Booth of Hope and Brooklynn.

Well, I since this was pretty much about the holiday of are a few Valentine's Day cards I made this year for a friend to send to some of her family.

Until next time...


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