Saturday, January 30, 2016

Taylor Bean's birthday, etc.

Our fluffy puppy had a birthday on January 18th.  She is so much fun, but even at 2 she still has a lot of puppy left in her.  We got her two treats at a local pet shop and a few new toys.

All the 5th grade sections from Hope's school got to sing the Star Spangled Banner for a HS basketball game this week.  We stayed and watched the girls game.  It was a lot of fun watching, especially since they were way ahead the entire game.  Definitely not anything I was used to when I played BB.  LOL!  Hope didn't even believe me when I told her I used to play basketball, volleyball, softball and ran track.  

Hope is in the front row in the color/leopard print dress.

I have started back on my diet again and it is going pretty good.  Two weeks and I am down 5 lbs and 8.25 inches.  I was surprised when one night I fixed ham steak and green beans and Hope voluntarily ate what I fixed.  There is hope yet!  Of course she had to have her lemonade in a wine glass for some reason.  Silly girl!

Hope spent her Christmas money on a skate board and helmet.  She is anxious for the weather to warm up so she can really start using it.  Sounds like this week isn't going to be that week.  Sounds like it is going to snow again, but so far sounds like we might miss out on the deep snow.  We will see.  I could go for a good snow day.

Well, in honor of Taylor's are some Birthday themed cards!

I always have more to share, so until next time...


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