Monday, January 5, 2015

Birthday Week

Folks, it is birthday week in this house.  Yep, Hope turns 10 on Wednesday!  I can hardly believe it.

She wants to go eat at a local restaurant, one of her favorites on Wednesday, but the BIG party is on Saturday out at a local hotel that has a water park in it.

But before we get to the celebrations...let's talk about SNOW!  Oh my, did we get snow today.  The weather folks said it would start until 2pm, so I didn't bother to wear my snow boots to work thinking I was leaving at 3:30 and there wouldn't be much out there yet.  Boy was I wrong!!!  Oh well.  I am just glad I got home and got to stay there since gymnastics was closed due to weather.

When we got home from school,  was nice and picked her up at the bus stop instead of making her walk up the street.  LOL!  What a nice mom I am.  As we were hanging out front letting Taylor do her thing I told Hope I would pay her to clear the sidewalk to help dad out.  She said she was too busy.

When Joe got home, she decided she wanted to go out and help, but...

...but instead of cleaning the sidewalk, she chose to do snow angels instead.  LOL!

Taylor doesn't quite know what to think of the snow.  She likes to charge in it.

Over the break Hope just couldn't leave her alone.  She wanted to be close to her ALL THE TIME.  So when we went back to school/work today I am sure she was thinking FINALLY I get the day to myself.  LOL!

Since she is still chewing on everything, we still are not leaving her out loose all day long, but I hope it is soon.  She is chewing on things less, so that is a good thing.

This was funny...Hope said it looked like Taylor was doing yoga poses.  It was pretty funny!

I have NO CLUE what was going on here!  LOL!

We have another BIG event going on around here.  Over the break we didn't give Hope her meds for ADHD and things went pretty good.  We had a GREAT time!  So she decided she wanted to try school without her meds.  I sent an email to her teacher and we are trying it for a week to see how it goes.  Keep praying that things continue to go good.  We will continue on this path as long as it doesn't interfere with her learning.

So anyone watching The Bachelor?  I haven't watched this show in YEARS, but since it is an IOWA boy I thought I would check it out.  Not sure I can handle watching the entire season, but maybe check in once in a while.  LOL!  Oh boo hoo I didn't get a rose, what am I going to do with my LIFE?  

On that note, how about sharing some cards about LOVE...LOL!

And in honor of Hope's birthday, here are a few birthday cards too.

This is the inside of the card shown above.

The inside of this card says... (happy birthday on the animal.  I was inspired by Animal from the muppets and a card sketch.  LOL!

The chevron paper is actually from packaging of paper and other scrapbooking product.  It is a great way to up-cycle the packaging, when possible.

Alright, that is it for tonight!  Have a great night, stay warm and sweet dreams!


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