Monday, October 13, 2014

Decoding Dyslexia

Sunday I walked with my sister Dawn, my mom, my aunt Bonnie and a LOT of others in support of Decoding Dyslexia-IOWA.  I am so proud of everything my sister has done with her career and her passion to help others with dyslexia.

If you think you have dyslexia or know of anyone that might have it...please visit one of these websites:


After the walk, Hope and Ally had fun climbing on the playground.

In other news...

Taylor likes to wake up Hope each morning.  Too bad she wasn't waking her up in her own bed.  Every once in a while, we get the bed all to ourselves.  I hope before she graduates from HS she is sleeping in her own bed ALL THE TIME!  LOL!

We have discovered that Taylor likes to snuggle up in grandma's quilts just like we do.  LOL!

Hope has been reading the Harry Potter books.  She is currently reading book #3, so the other day she requested to watch the 2nd movie.  I think she got a little involved in it.  Makes me so happy.  :)

We told her when she finishes all the books we would go to Florida to visit Universal Studios and visit the Harry Potter park.  Oh, she needs to hurry up and finish them because I cannot wait to experience the Harry Potter in real life!!!!

Other Hope photos...

Apparently she had a hard day...I loved this because she had dressed up both of my Curious George's.  These were my Big and Little George when I was little and the last time she visited Grandma D's house she brought them home with her.  And of course she can't sleep without her GIANT horse.

After dance, we visited Cherry Berry.  She got a gummy frog.  Gross!  As you can tell, she gets a little bit of the frozen yogurt and LOTS of toppings, which is WHY we don't go very often.

Apparently, another rough day.  LOL!

Finally, our neighbor Miles and Hope hanging out in a tent they built in her room.  They attempted another sleepover, but Miles decided he wanted to go home.  I really think he was tired and wanted to go to sleep and Hope was just getting her second wind.  LOL!  they had fun playing together.

So this past weekend a friend of mine was hosting a retreat for a group of friends.  I volunteered to design some cards for them to make together during their time together.  Here is what I came up with...I hope they had fun putting them together.  I do ask that you pray for these ladies.  They are all going through some difficult times and would appreciate you lifting them up in prayer.

And here are a few more cards...just for fun!

My sister Debbie recently broke her leg, so sending out healing thoughts for her too.

Well, until next time...


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