Sunday, September 21, 2014

Happy mail!

Alright, I have been keeping a secret for a some of you it won't be that exciting, but to me it is!  :)

I have been submitting some scrapbook/card projects to be considered for publication and several have been picked up and will be included in several different issues of Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking magazine and a special issue they are creating as well.  So the first issue I have something to appear will be coming up in the December issue, which will be available the beginning of November.  Future issues I will be in are:  February, March and a Card Creations-Volume 13.

I got more happy email requesting my projects again on Friday.  Yeah!  That was one I was really hoping to get because it is actual a print issue.  The regular months issues are all digitally viewed on line.

I can share images of my projects after they have been published, so stay tuned...

As usual, a lot has happened since my last post.

Joe and I went with friends to the Iowa/Iowa State football game last week.  I was the lone Cyclone fan of the group, but was the only one that left the game happy!  LOL!

I ran into some classmates of mine too, from Russell!  It was great seeing you guys!

And another sleepover...apparently they dealt Taylor into the SkipBo game too.  LOL!  Actually, Joe was playing too.

Speaking of Taylor, I am convinced she is part woodchuck because she loves chewing on wood.  She has teeth marks on the leg of the chair she is sitting on above.  She also chews on the underside of the bed frame.  We have found remnants of multiple pencils around the house.  She also ate my good tennis shoes this past week too.  :(  I know those aren't made of wood, but...

I am looking forward to getting past the "chewing on everything" stage.

Will end my post with a shout out to my BFF...Kristi Boyer!  Her birthday was yesterday!  I hope you had a great birthday and looking forward to seeing you soon.

In honor of her birthday, here are some fun cards...

Until next time...


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