Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Puppy Update!

Oh, was I excited when I checked the website for the breeder where we are going to get our puppy.  The mama is pregnant and should give birth by middle January.  Oh I can't believe it.  I am  SOOOO ready to have a furry baby in the house again.

Here is a picture of the mama...

We are getting a Goldendoodle because Joe wanted a dog that didn't shed like our pomeranian did.  Updates to follow as I know more!!!

Hope was playing with her doll camper, when she decided to try and get it.  Silly girl!  She actually fit, barely.

We finally had better weather and my family was able to get together on Sunday.  Mom and all my sisters.  We even were in order.  :)  It is kind of a habit by now.  LOL!

For years, my mom has been wanting to get one of these barns for a little boy in our family.  She finally got a great-grandson and he was pretty excited to get this barn.  Shortly after he opened it he had all of his animals in the barn (along with a few other things too).  It was a hit!

Hope got this sweater from Grandma D.

It was great to see the family and glad everyone made it there and back home safely.

We had a pretty quiet new year!  Played some Skip-Bo (card game) and just chilled out and watched then ball drop on tv.  It was nice just to stay home and relax a bit.

Since Hope has a birthday coming up, I will share a few birthday layouts I have created lately.

And a few birthday cards too...

Hopefully I am able to get a party put together for her.  I do have invites ready, just  need to get the addresses.

Have a good one!


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