Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Feel the MAGIC

Have you taken a trip to Disney lately and haven't scrapbooked your pictures?  Well, if you need a project here it is>>>>>>HERE!

Below are the pictures of the project I completed.  You get everything you need (except the pictures) to complete this project as shown.

The card below (with the black ribbon) pulls out for a secret place for journaling.

All of the bingo cards throughout the album also pull out so you can either add photos on the back or additional journaling about your trip.

There is another bingo card...

There are several other cards like below that could be added to the album as well if you need additional areas for smaller photos.

Or just adhere some photos back to back to make their own page...and embellish as you wish.

To create the pockets for the bingo cards I just made sure I didn't use glue under the part where I wanted the cards to slip through.  Same with the star on the banner I made sure I only adhered it at the top so the bingo card could slip behind.

This bingo card I actually used as a photo mat.

Here is another great place for some vacation stories!

And another bingo card pocket.  :)

There is another!

And the last one I hid behind a picture, where I created a pocket for the card.

There are lots of letter and number stickers in the kit, so you could add the year of your trip, if all your pictures were from the same trip.

Go buy one before they are gone!  There are only 19 left!  Now HURRY!

Ok and admit, how many of you want to plan a trip to Disney right now?  LOL!


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You reference a kit here. Where do you get the kit from?

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