Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Where did summer go?

And just like that we are into September...back to school...cooler weather...FOOTBALL!!!

Ok, I am not a football fanatic, but I enjoy watching a game once in a while if I get the chance.

Let's see, as always...playing catch up on events!

In July Hope was in the play Music Man Jr.  She had several smaller roles throughout the play!

I have no clue when or who took this photo...but I just love it!

We drove down to visit Hope's birth family...and to meet her newest baby sister Britney.  Below is Hope holding Britney and sister Hannah hanging out too.  They might all look a little alike don't you think???  :)

Of course the solar eclipse, but it was pretty cloudy here in Iowa so we didn't really get to see it except through the clouds once in a while.

But we got a beautiful double rainbow at the end of the day!

The above picture does not do it justice as to how brilliant the cools were of the main rainbow.

Then we have a 7th grader starting school...

My garden really did great this summer with a lot of yummy veggies and fruits for us and some to share too.

The best tip I found for growing cucumbers was to companion plant them with sunflowers.  The sunflowers were to take the bitterness from the cucumbers.  Those were the best cucumbers I have ever sweet.

On a last minute invite...we joint this group to do the Big Yellow Bicycle.  Yep, you guessed it, it is a big bike that seats over 16 riders and you all pedal together to make the bike move.  We pedaled around downtown for the 2.5 hour tour traveling to several local breweries and bars.  It was a great time!

We all shared a "das boot" at Hessen House, which is a German bar.

Well, I guess that is the long and short of what has been going on...of fun things!

Hope did try out for the swim team at the YMCA.  I am so proud of her for putting it all out there.  Unfortunately, they have limited space on the team and she did not make it this year.  It was amazing to see her have such passion for something and actually work hard towards her goals.

Things at school are going good so far this year too.  She is in Algebra, which she will earn 2 credits toward HS graduation.  As we were eating supper tonight we checked her grades and she got an A- on her quiz she took today.  This is a significant improvement to last year.  I think it was a struggle last year because it was the first year she actually had to put some effort into things instead of just being able to do the bare minimum.  Anyway...all of that just to say how proud I am of everything she had done this late summer/early fall so far!

Of course, I have been busy still making cards and scrapbook just sharing a few here:

Well, until next time...whenever that will be...


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