Friday, June 17, 2016

Goodbye Gert...


So, I have been holding off as LONG as possible purchasing a new vehicle...however, when the window in my 2004 van fell down into the door... decision was made for was time to buy a new vehicle.   Goodbye GERT (Thank you for your was greatly appreciated!!!  I know it sounds crazy to appreciate a vehicle, but that van has been there for me through a LOT of event (even if I NEVER liked the color of the van).

I was actually bold enough (when we dropped off the van to be fixed) to ask for a "loaner" vehicle to drive over night to see if it was something I would want to buy.  Well, I was SOLD (hook, line and sinker) with all the new features of a vehicles available since a 2004 model. LOL!

I was dazzled.. and quite frankly...It was time.  The van was slowing going to become a "money pit" of issues.  We had several smaller "bills" to fix things, but this one was going to be over $550 to fix a window that had dropped into the window.  

So...let me introduce...ROSY...the newest member of the Weber family.

It was raining when we we got home with the car, so It is not a great pictures...but you get the idea!  

All I can say is that it has a LOT of bells and whistles that I am trying to figure out!

Welcome to the family Rosy! 

Until next time...Have a great weekend!


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