Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Great Scott!

Happy "Back to the Future" Day!  The movie trilogy is one of my favorites.

Well, let's take a trip back to the future to see what we have been up to in October.  LOL!  Luckily we don't have to get into a time travel machine.

Joe took a business trip to Las Vegas, and was lucky to attend a private concert for Zac Brown Band.  Ah....I can't believe he didn't invite me to this one, but it was pretty quick after our cruise, so I guess I will forgive him.  

And speaking of work...Joe received his 25 year service award earlier this week.  Even though it frustrates me sometimes the number of hours he puts in, I am so proud VERY of him.

Last weekend, the weather was so nice that Hope and I decided to visit a pumpkin patch.  It is one of our favorites we usually visit.

Swimming in the corn pool.

And feeding the goats...She worked a long time to get this tiny goat to come over so she could feed it.  All the big goats kept getting in the way.

She jumped on the bouncy pillow too!

This was new since the last time we were there...tractor races.

And she bought a few rotten apples to use in the sling shot.

Of course we have the big event coming up later next week...trick or treating and a neighborhood halloween party!  And possibly another pumpkin patch.

Since we are traveling back in time, here are a few layouts of memories over the past few years...

Bubble Mania is a layout documenting the cool bubble wand Hope was using to make bubbles.

This is a layout using a picture from a family photo session several years ago.  I just love the spunk you can see in her expression.

And in the past few weeks, we have had some exciting news.  My niece Lauren is engaged to her longtime boyfriend Dave.  Congrats to them.  I can't wait for the wedding next July.

Here is a layout of the photo booth pictures from Abbey & Randy Metzger's wedding a few years ago.  One strip of photos is Joe, Hope and I and the other is me with my sisters and mom.

So here are some wedding, congratulatory, etc. type cards to share too...

I made this one for a special friend at work, which had the date of his wedding and used the colors of their wedding.

Roads?  Where we're going, we don't need roads!  

Well, everyone go cheer on the Cubs, so the prediction from Back to the Future II comes true that the Cubs win the World Series this year.  Plus I think it would just be cool to have both the Cubs and the Royals playing.

Alright, have a great night back here in good old 2015!


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