Friday, July 5, 2013

We had a BLAST!

The weather was just perfect for a celebration yesterday of our great nation!  Happy (belated) Independence Day!

We had all kinds of fun.  We went to a parade with my sister and one of her friends.  Hope was NOT cooperative for any pictures at all.  Eventually once the parade started and the candy was flowing from the floats she improved (a little).  I have no clue what was wrong.  Oh well.

Luckily this little guy was cooperative...this is Max, my sisters dog.  Is he not the cutest EVER!

So after the parade we went back to Dawn's place so Hope could swim.  The older girls wanted to be in the playhouse, but Hope and her new friend Beckam had a great time squirting each other and Joe while he was trying to take their picture.  LOL!  There is a smile from Hope, I guess she just needed to get wet!

Then we went to my friend Evon's house for dinner and some sparklers.  Dinner was awesome, the sparklers (well, we had issues).

As you can see, we tried the suggestion from Pinterest to use a plastic cup to protect your hand from the sparks from sparklers.  It actually did work, but you have to remember to have a LOT of the stick on the outside of the cup so the cut doesn't catch on FIRE!  Yep, we had flames.  :)

Even Evon and I tried out the sparklers too!

Hope was much happier doing the REALLY long handled sparklers.  This picture makes it look like the sparkler is going crazy!

On our way home we stopped to view a local fireworks display and then we went to bed (a little too late because I was VERY sleepy all day today).

On to other news...well, Hope is guilty again of making her mark on things.  She has done this numerous times, and got in trouble each time, so you would think she would stop doing it.  

Anyway, our latest discovery was when Joe went to the basement to take pictures of the pool table.  The buyers didn't want it, so we are going to sell it.  He crawled under the table to see how it would come apart and discovered THIS...

Now the Annie caught me off guard because our neighbor's name is Anna and she does not go by Annie.  I don't recall the twin Annie ever being over here without Ally and I don't recall our neighbor Annie ever coming over and playing in the basement.  So who knows if it was all Hope or if she had one or more accomplices.  Luckily Joe was able to sand off all the markings and it is good as new!  Good Grief!!!

So I have more cards to share with you...I shared a few the last time I created using scraps from THIS kit I created for The Scrappy Gourmet.  Go get yourself one and with a few extras from your stash you can make these cards too.

So go get shopping and creating.  There is all kinds of great stuff to buy!  Enable...Enable...Enable...

Have a great night!


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